Innovative CP&IP technology

PEP-Therapy’s innovative CP&IP (Cell Penetrating & Interfering Peptides) technology enables peptides to penetrate cells and specifically block relevant intracellular protein-protein interactions, thus inhibiting key pathological mechanisms.

Two major innovations have been combined in a single bi-functional peptide to efficiently and accurately target key cellular mechanisms involved in pathologies:

Optimized Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPP), as a “shuttle” to deliver active compounds into the cell as well as specific organelles;

Short Interfering Peptides (IP) specifically designed to target relevant protein/protein interactions, leading to the inhibition of key pathological mechanisms without altering physiological mechanisms.

Cp&IP image
Cp&IP illustration

The combination of both functionalities has led to the development of a unique technology with intracellular uptake and targeting, good in vivo stability and safety profile, and the versatility to address hard-to-reach intracellular targets with high specificity in multiple pathologies. PEP-010 is the first CP&IP-based product.

PEP-Therapy’s CP&IP technology can also be applied to other peptide projects for in-licensing and co-development partnerships.